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Various prayers


・Prayer for Getting rid of Bad Luck
・Purifying Bad Directions
・Ground-Breaking Ceremony
・Prayer for Safety of the Household
・Baby’s First Visit to the Shrine
・Festival (shrine visit) by Children aged 7, 5 and 3
・Prayers for Getting Pregnant
・Prayer for a Safe Birth
・Prayer for Traffic Safety ・Prayer for prosperity in business
・Prayer for Study Achievement
・Prayer for Passing an Exam
・Prayer for Recovery from Illness


This jinja offers prayers for all kinds of purification, as well as prayers for life rituals such as Hatsumiya-mode, Shichigosan, and weddings.

Prayers are available from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily. No reservations are accepted.


・Prayer for Getting
rid of Bad Luck

Everyone has their own milestones in life, the most well-known of which is the year of bad luck.
The most well-known of these is the year of bad luck, which is 42 years old for men and 33 years old for women. It is said that this is the age when one’s body and mind begin to deteriorate.

This is the time to purify the body and mind and pray for good health.

・Purifying Bad Directions

There are many directions to avoid when building a new house. When building a new house, renovating a house, moving to a new house, moving into a new house, opening a new store, etc., we purify the misfortunes associated with these directions to prevent misfortunes from occurring.
Prayed purifying sand and sacred sake are sprinkled at Kimon(the demon’s gate), Tatsumi (southeast), Urakimon (back demon’s gate), Inui (northwest), and each entrance and exit to purify the house.

・Ground-Breaking Ceremony

We will hold a ground-breaking ceremony for the safety of the construction work in front of the kami. You will get an “Ofuda,” a “Shizumemono,” “sand for purification,” and “sacred sake”.

・Prayer for Safety of the Household

We pray for the happiness and safety of the family by purifying their body and soul.

・Baby's First Visit to the Shrine

We tell the kami of your joy at the birth of your baby, and pray that your baby will grow up well.

・Prayers for Getting Pregnant

We pray to the kami that you will get pregnant.

・Prayer for Traffic Safety

We pray for the blessings of the kami of Onji and purify the car so that no accidents will occur.

・Prayer for prosperity in business

We pray for the company’s prosperity.

・Prayer for Study Achievement

We pray that students will receive the kami’s grace and wisdom, and that they will achieve academic success.

・Prayer for Passing an Exam

We pray that you will be accepted into the school or job of your choice.

・Prayer for Recovery from Illness

We pray that you will recover from your illness.