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  3. Kami・Divine Virtues

Kami・Divine Virtues

The kami of

 The fifth grandson of Amenokoyane-Mikoto

 The same deity with a different name, Toyouke-Omikami, enshrined
 in Ise Jingu, also known as “Geku”.

The kami's
divine virtue
that leads
to happiness

There is an ancient belief in the purifying of Hitogata, and the kami purifies people from all sins and impurities, and protects them from an affluent and happy life. Also, when Jingu Kougou went to the continent to fight, the kami of this jinja, together with the kami of Sumiyoshi Taisha, protected the safety of the land and sea routes. Therefore, the jinja is worshipped as kami that can guide people to travel safety, traffic safety, and matchmaking.