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Get rid of bad luck

This jinja is a shrine for getting rid of bad luck in Kawachi, and many purification rituals are held here.
Many people visit here around the Setsubun Festival in February to purify their body and soul and receive blessings from the kami.
Please visit this jinja with your whole family.

praying for Get rid of bad luck

The day for serving Zenzai (a kind of sweetened dessert) to get rid of bad luck

It has been canceled this year.

Prayer for Getting rid of Bad Luck

Everyone has their own milestones in life, the most well-known of which is the year of bad luck.
The most well-known of these is the year of bad luck, which is 42 years old for men and 33 years old for women. It is said that this is the age when one’s body and mind begin to deteriorate.
This is the time to purify the body and mind and pray for good health.

Reiwa 5 Yakudoshi list

 男性 女性 
24years old
41years old
18years old
32years old
25years old
42years old
19years old
33years old
26years old
43years old
20years old
34years old

Get rid of your star

We live in the midst of the universe, including the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars. The rising and falling of the tide affects us in many ways. Each person is born with a star, and the nine stars and the five elements of Yin and Yang intersect to form the stars of “One-White-Mercury”, and “Nine-Purple-Mars” and so on, which together with a certain amount of luck determine the fortune of the year. People with weak luck in a given year pay homage to this jinja to purify their sluggish or fluctuating luck and pray for good health.

Reiwa5 Get rid of your star
(Both men and women)

Nine-Purple-Mars(sluggish luck)

 20186years oldDog
 200915years oldOx
◎200024years oldDragon
◎199133years oldSheep
◎198242years oldDog
 197351years oldOx
 196460years oldDragon
 195569years oldSheep
 194678years oldDog

Four-Green-Jupiter(fluctuating luck)

 201410years oldHorse
◎200519years oldRooster
 199628years oldMouse
◎198737years oldRabbit
 197846years oldHorse
 196955years oldRooster
 196064years oldMouse
◎195173years oldRabbit
 194282years oldHorse

The year of the ◎ mark coincides with the year of bad luck, and is a year to be careful. Let’s take a prayer for getting rid of bad luck.

Get rid of the evil of 13 years old

For both boys and girls, the age of 13 is considered to be the first turning point in life (bad luck year). Let’s visit Onji Jinja to take blessings and wisdom from the kami of Onji.

Get rid of bad luck once every 12 years

There are various milestone years in our lives. One of them is the turning year, when the year of one’s birth (zodiac sign) comes around every 12 years. It has been a tradition since ancient times to purify the body and soul in these turning years.

Reiwa 5
once every 12years (both men and women)

 201113years oldGet rid of the evil of 13 years old
 199925years oldBad luck
◎198737years oldBad luck
 197549years oldBad luck
 196361years old60th birthday
◎195173years oldBad luck
 193985years oldBad luck

※When the bad luck year is over, let us pay a visit to the kami of Onji with gratitude.

About the “Hitogata” as a substitute

As a traditional ritual that has continued for more than 1,000 years, we offer “Hitogata Kyosen” to the kami as a substitute for worshippers to get rid of sins, stains, disasters, and bad luck.
For prayers to get rid of bad luck in a bad year, the sins, stains and disasters are transferred to the “Migawari-no-Hitogata” instead of the “Hitogatakyosen” and offered before the kami to pray for good health for a year. This is the reason for the traditional purification of Hitogata, and many people visit Onji Jinja to pray for good health and to get rid of bad luck.