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Atago Jinja Ritual

September 24

It is a Shinto ritual to pray for the extinction of fires and fire prevention in each house.

Ebisu Jinja Memorial Ceremony

September 24

It is a ceremony to comfort the spirits of children who have miscarried or had abortions.

Yasaka Jinja Ritual

October 17

When Nobunaga Oda conquered Takayasu Castle, the Onchi Shinto priest asked for help from the Onchi Shrine and won the battle against Nobunaga’s army. Nobunaga was so angry that he set the shrine on fire and the main shrine was destroyed. Later, he ordered Yasaka Jinja to be built in Tennou-no-Mori to worship Susanowo-Mikoto and the Jinja was rebuilt.

Traffic Safety Ceremony

October 18

Once a year, please pray for traffic safety and receive the kami’s blessings with a renewed spirit.

・Reception period
From one month before the ceremony

・How to apply
Please contact the Jinja office.

・Prayer fee
3,000 yen for a car
2,000 yen for a motorcycle and bicycle

Ancestral Shrine Memorial Service

October 22

The spirits of those who died in the war are enshrined here. Once a year, a memorial service is held with the bereaved families in attendance.

Gokusho Ritual

November 24

This is a ritual to adjust the special food offerings for the Autumn Festival.

Autumn Festival

November 25 and 26

This is a big festival to give thanks for a good harvest, and to offer special food called “Goku” prepared with new grains to show gratitude.